Rapid changing working world

October 12, 2015


fast-worldThere is no doubt that the world of work is changing. Rapidly expanding emerging economies, an increasingly global labour market and new technologies are all having a significant impact on the demand for and supply of skills, organisational structures and practices, and the prospects for employment, inequality, productivity and growth.  People at Work is seeking to contribute to the analysis of and policy debate around these issues as part of an effort to demonstrate thought leadership in this new world of work. To do this, it is joining forces with Malta’s and Europe’s leading centres for applied economic and social research, whose central goals are to understand economic performance and inform policy and practice through outstanding scientific research on key issues of education, inequality, productivity, technology, globalisation and the labour market. The aim of People at Work is to establish a leading centre for the study of the impact of human resource decisions and labour market trends on productivity at enterprise and national levels. There are a great many unsubstantiated views circulating in the business press on the future of human resources in a changing labour market – simplistic ‘analyses’ which panic that ‘low skilled jobs are going to disappear’, ‘the traditional employment contract is dead’, ‘all work will be sent to call centres in Bangalore and sweatshops in Thailand’ or ‘the internet means the death of the workplace’. People at Work will use rigorous investigative techniques and innovative data analysis to assess the extent to which there are real underlying changes and where there are continuities with the past.  The research – to be carried out by leading labour market  experts – will bring systematic analysis and evidence to bear on key issues in the practical world of business management.