People at Work

People at Work is a new consultancy agency with a focus on promoting jobs while protecting people.  The main aims and objectives of People at Work are to improve human relations through effective and meaningful social dialogue at the place of work between senior management members, senior line mangers, supervisory staff and workers.  With a team of people with hands-on experience and expertise in various industrial relations fields, People at Work will give you the leading edge when it comes to managing people.

People at Work provides human resources solutions for companies, SME’s, government entities and authorities and voluntary organisations. Our ability to deliver seamless and customised solutions adds real value, not just to an organisation’s bottom line but also to the organisation’s work ethic and productivity.  Whether you need new talent, need to retain a valued employee or need advice about industrial relations and human resources issues, People at Work has the practical solutions to meet your needs    

We take the time to learn about your business and your current levels of performance and can then suggest professional and targeted measures to improve your performance.  We can provide development and training programmes for you and your team members. These may include customer service, improved leadership skills, performance management and conflict resolution amongst others.

People at Work can assist at a strategic management level, helping to map out where you want your business to head and provide the appropriate consultancy services.  We can organise workshops designed specifically for your organisation to ensure you reach your objectives.    Plans are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. We can come to you or sessions can be held at our offices in Hamrun.

We also offer our services to individuals, workers and employees at all levels in any organisation or employment. We can give advice on the application of the conditions of work, labour laws clarification and interpretation in the event of divergences of views at the place of work. We can effectively mediate and find practical solutions to the benefit of the parties concerned.