Tripartite Summit: focus on jobs, growth and investment for Europe

April 8, 2015

853cb5c933The participants in the Social Summit discussed the analysis of the Member States’ economic situation contained in the Country Reports recently published by the Commission, as well as the preparation of the further steps in the European Semester of economic policy coordination, including the preparation of national programmes expected in April. The Social Summit also discussed progress with the Investment Plan for Europe and the views of social partners on other major EU policy initiatives, such as the Energy Union.

This was the first Tripartite Social Summit since the new European Commission took office in November. It follows the EU High-Level Conference on “a new start for social dialogue” which took place in Brussels on the 5 March. 30 years after the launch of European social dialogue, the high-level conference marked the beginning of a renewed partnership between social partners and EU Institutions, and showed the importance of European social dialogue in addressing today’s economic and social challenges.