The number of foreign workers in Malta has doubled in seven years

March 1, 2016

older-workers2-editThe share of foreign workers in the labour force has more than doubled over the last seven years.  The total number rose from 9,821 in December 2008 to 27,145 in July 2015, according to data from the Employment and Training Corporation.

Last July there were 4,023 Italian nationals working in Malta. The next largest group was made up of 3,575 British employees. At 1,275, Filipinos make up the largest group of non-EU nationals employed in Malta.

Following Malta’s accession in the EU in 2004, the movement of foreigners into the Maltese labour market was significant. In 2009,however the international recession led to a drop in the flow but since 2010, the volume has grown consistently. The influx of foreign workers is spread across the board.  Maltese workers are moving  away from low skilled and manual jobs.  However, around 40 per cent of high end jobs, requiring high levels of skill, are taken up by foreigners.

These changes have impacted positively on government revenue too. In fact, whereas in 2000, revenue from foreign workers accounted for just 2.4 per cent of personal income tax and national insurance contributions by 2014 this share had risen to 10.1 per cent, a Central Bank of Malta report found.