The 6th European Working Conditions Survey

November 26, 2015

EurofoundThe Eurofound’s 6th European Working Conditions Survey first finding reveals a diverse picture of Europe at work over time across countries, occupations, gender and age groups. It underlines the complex reality with which Europe’s policymakers are confronted as they seek to build a fair and competitive Europe in an increasingly digitalised global economy.  The survey shows a diverse picture of Europe at work.

Most workers are satisfied with their working time (58%), feel supported by their manager (58%) and colleagues (71%) and say their organisation motivates them to give their best job performance (63%).  At the same time, while female managers are on the increase, gender segregation remains persistent across the European labour market, younger workers experience greater work intensity and job insecurity, older workers report less access to training, physical risks remain and there are significant differences in job quality across occupations.