Significant decrease in job stability in the EU

April 14, 2014

January 2014 show that unemployment is still at record high levels, with around 26 million people (10.8 % of the economically active population) in the EU looking for work. In several Member States, unemployment remains close to the historically-high levels first seen in the current crisis. The Review also shows increasing use of temporary and part-time work.  There is evidence that temporary employment has become less of a stepping-stone towards a permanent job since the onset of the crisis. At the same time, job stability has decreased significantly, especially for men and the young, and divergences between Member States became more pronounced.

Poverty levels expected to increase

Poverty and social exclusion continued to rise in 2011 and 2012 and, according to the latest available data, a further increase is estimated in 2013 for those countries where economic and labour market conditions have continued to deteriorate.

Impact of social protection expenditure

The stabilisation impact of social protection expenditure remained very weak in 2013, growing much less than expected, despite a slight improvement. The analysis reflects significant differences among countries.