Public Consultation

January 19, 2016

2016_MSDC_SahhaUSigurtaThe report entitled, Saħħa u sigurtà waqt attivitajiet pubbliċi – analiżi tal-qafas regolatorju, u suġġerimenti għal titjib fejn meħtieġ  presents a number of legislative weaknesses concerning the regulation of public safety (including fire safety).  The said report also includes a number of key recommendations.
A strategy addressing the weaknesses of the current system and processes on public safety needs to take into consideration the following:
(i)                   Government’s drive to consolidate existing resources while ensuring better regulation without creating unnecessary bureaucratic burdens for duty-holders and civil society;
(ii)                 The obligations arising out of EU and ILO requirements to have an entity which is autonomous in its executive decisions and actions with regards to health and safety;
Government is also proposing the setting up of a working group under the chairmanship of Dr. Mark Gauci from the Occupational Health and Safety Authority. It will be tasked to analyse the feedback resulting from the public consultation process and where necessary to carry out discussions with specific stakeholders. The working group will be expected to provide Government with proposals for the enhancement of legislation and regulatory structures on Health and Safety in Malta.  
In view of this, the government is launching this initial scoping consultation to collect input from the general public, civil society organizations, trade unions, business organizations, political parties, governmental institutions and all others that would like to contribute towards this process.  
Interested parties are to send their comments in writing by not later than 13th February 2016.   
Any feedback, requests for clarification and queries are to be addressed to [email protected] or to Ms Davida Flores, Director Strategy and Support, 280, Level 3, Republic Street Valletta.