People at Work supports Mqabba Youth Nursery FC

August 20, 2015

Wed 22nd July 2015 ImqabbaPeople at Work Consultancy Services, partly sponsored Mqabba Football Club Youth Nursery in their first ever experience abroad to England.  Mqabba Football Youth Nursery is well organised and supports the development of around 250 youths mostly under 17s in sports activities, mainly football. The Mqabba Nursery travelled to England to participate in the Nottingham International Cup for the Under 13’s. Other participants in the tournament were Revolution FC, Flying Eagles FC, both from US, Arsenal FC Soccer School – Bahrain, Abbey Hulton United – England, Soccer League for Children – Uganda and the Irish team CaslteBar Celtic FC.

Present for the press briefing and information meeting for the young players and their parents at the Mqabba FC Youth Nursery Coach, Nicholas Baldacchino, Gilbert Camilleri, Youth Nursery Chairman and Gejtu Vella, People at Work Consultancy Services Consultant.