Man injured in industrial accident gets €64,000 in damages

July 5, 2017

69763b20c612b6a0ff4f8847c606cff3A man injured in an industrial accident in 2013 has been awarded more than €64,000 in damages. Slodoban Kozarev, a Serb national, filed his action for damages against his employer JDS Manufacturing Limited. In September 2013 he was injured at work when the blades of the spindle moulder he was operating cut off the index finger and part of the thumb of his left hand and fractured the other fingers.  Mr Justice Lawrence Mintoff found in favour of Mr Kozarev after concluding that no safe system of work had been provided. The court heard that the machine being operated by Mr Kozarev was over 25 years old and had no modern safety features. Moreover, no proper training had been given to Mr Kozarev in how to use the machine.  After taking into consideration the fact that Mr Kozarev has suffered a 22 per cent permanent disability the court awarded him €64,604 in damages.