In April – The Retail Price Index went up to 108.08 from 107.24 in March

May 23, 2013

In April, the Retail Price Index went up by 0.78 per cent. This primarily reflected an increase of 8.19 per cent in the Clothing and Footwear Index, mainly due to seasonally higher prices of garments. A rise in furniture prices resulted in a 0.85 per cent increase in the Household Equipment and House Maintenance Cost Index. The Beverages and Tobacco Index registered an increase of 0.67 per cent, mainly due to a rise in the price of cigarettes. An upward movement in the price of fuels caused the Transport and Communication Index to go up by 0.63 per cent. The Recreation and Culture Index went up by 0.62 per cent as a result of higher tuition fees. Higher fruit prices caused the Food Index to go up by 0.11 per cent. The Housing Index edged up by 0.05 per cent, mainly due to higher charges for certain construction works.

A drop in the price of gas underlay a decrease of 0.12 per cent in the Water, Electricity, Gas and Fuels Index. The Other Goods and Services Index went down by 0.09 per cent on account of lower jewellery prices.

In April, the twelve-month moving average rate of inflation stood at 2.30 per cent, whereas the annual rate stood at 1.40 per cent