In an Emergency

May 25, 2015

logo_ukThe number for all emergency services in Malta (ambulance, fire and police) is 112.

Once you are through to an operator, state your telephone number immediately in case the team needs to call you back, then state the address and location where help is needed, as well as the nature of the incident, the number of people involved and any known hazards.

Give directions and, if possible, send someone to meet the Emergency Services to guide them. Keep the operator updated, and always inform them if you no longer need their help. Don’t hang up until you are told to.

Never make ‘bogus’ or ‘prank’ calls to the Emergency Services – they are there to save lives and fake calls only waste their time.

Useful Numbers

All Emergency Services 112

Malta Police Force 2122 4001 – 7

Civil Protection Department 2393 0000

Armed Forces of Malta 2249 4000

Local Wardens 2132 0202

Hospital (Malta) 2545 0000

Hospital (Gozo) 2156 1600

Emergency Rescue by Helicopter 2124 4371

Emergency Rescue by Patrol Boat 2123 8797

Emergency Vet Services 5004 3888

Government Information Services 153

Telephone Directory Enquires 1182