Fewer occupational accidents reported

May 28, 2015

imagesClaims in respect of non-fatal occupational accidents in the first quarter this year dropped by 44, when compared to the same period last year. One fatal occupational accident was reported. Administrative records show that 670 persons were involved in a non-fatal accident in the first quarter this year.

The majority of non-fatal accidents at work occurred in the

  1. manufacturing sector 19 %,
  2. construction 17.2 %
  3. transportation and storage 13.9 per cent.

When compared to the same quarter last year, the number of accidents went down by 40 in manufacturing and increased by 23 in human health and social work activities.

The largest share of occupational accidents during the reference quarter involved people working in craft and related trades 24.9% followed by those in elementary occupations 24.5%.

Wounds and superficial injuries were the most common, with 422 cases, while dislocations, strains and sprains amounted to 134 cases. In the first quarter, nearly a third of accidents at work took place in enterprises employing 500 or more people 32.4%.