EU Employment Strategies

August 28, 2013

The European employment strategy seeks to create more and better jobs throughout the EU. It takes its inspiration from the Europe 2020 growth strategy.

Employment package

In response to the high level of unemployment in Europe, the European Commission in April 2012 launched  a set of measures to boost jobs, the so called “Employment package”. It seeks to:

  • support job creation
  • reducing taxes on labour
  • using hiring subsidies effectively
  • exploiting the potential of key sectors, such as green economy, ICT, or health and care sector.
  • Restore the dynamics of labour markets
  • helping workers succeed when changing jobs or getting back into work
  • mobilising all actors to implement the reforms required
  • investing in skills based on better forecasting and monitoring of needs
  • promoting the free movement of workers.
  • Strengthen the governance of employment policies
  • reinforcing their monitoring with the EU countries so that employment and social concerns do not lag behind economic ones.

The employment package builds on Europe 2020’s Agenda for new skills and jobs and is supported by the European Employment Observatory (EEO) and the Mutual Learning Programme (MLP).