EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen on Job Creation and a Fairer Society

January 2, 2015

marianne_thyssenThe new European Commissioner  for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility Marianne Thyssen hopes that by 2019, people will perceive Europe as taking action to facilitate job creation and make social security systems sustainable

“Citizens is what Europe is all about”, you said to the European Parliament when you presented your candidacy to become a European Commissioner.

In fact, one could say that citizens is what politics are about. We are here to look at what problems people have, suggest solutions and show results – especially right now, in Europe, after the crisis hit us so hard. This is the only way to keep people’s trust or regain it, as opinion polls and studies show that trust has gone, in political institutions in general as well as in the EU institutions. If we see what problems 1, 2 and 3 are… it’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs – and social protection too. So we have to work very hard on that and show results. That’s why I am so happy with this portfolio because I think I am really at the heart of the problems. But I cannot do this alone. The whole agenda of the Juncker Commission is focused on jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change. The entire European Commission agenda focuses on people’s problems.