Doctor’s certificate no longer needed for up to three days of illness

March 30, 2018

sick-leaveIf one is ill and remains indisposed and unable to go to work for a maximum of three days or less, one no longer requires a medical certificate from a doctor. This was announced in a statement issued by the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity.

It was pointed out in the statement that this measure is with immediate effect, and is aimed at reducing unnecessary running around by the public. It was also explained that the medical certificate (blue in colour) for three days or less does not constitute a request for sickness benefits, and the Department of Social Security does not therefore need these certificates for processing purposes.

The Department of Social Security also warns that if employers insist on a copy of the medical certificate, this still has to be given by the employee. For more information the public can call on freefone 153 or visit one of the District Offices of the Department of Social Security around Malta and Gozo.