Our purpose

October 12, 2013

People at Work provide a variety of services to assist businesses with different human resources functions. People at Work will assist your Company to fulfill effectively the changes in employment laws and regulations. People at Work will provide various services which include developing a tailor made business plan for your needs. This may necessitate research to understand which types of human resources your Company may require. Our purpose is to enhance and facilitate policies at your place of work while empowering workers with the necessary tools and abilities to acquire more competencies and skills in a flexible labour market.  We will help you avoid industrial conflict, assist you when dealing with trade unions, middle management, supervisory staff, guide you to effectively bargain individually and/or collectively, assist you during conciliation meetings. We will also prepare the necessary documentation and assist your Company in the event issues are referred to arbitration or industrial tribunal.  We are well positioned to give you sound advice on human resource management, and the application of the labour laws. We can give you effective advice on health and safety issues and the application of all the labour laws .