Vacancy – Advertising Sales Representative

March 20, 2018

People at Work Consultancy Services  are looking for highly motivated Advertising Sales Representative for a new Company. What does the position entail?  developing new business is a priority cold calling experience and solid presentation skills self-motivated and highly goal-oriented in order … Read More

Rights and responsibilities at work

January 15, 2018

Every business has a responsibility to ensure it follows the relevant rules and regulations. If you are an employer, make sure you do everything you can to get it right. Equally, as an employee, you should also be aware of … Read More

Supporting employees through pregnancy and maternity

January 8, 2018

It is unlawful to discriminate against someone, or treat them unfairly, because of pregnancy or maternity. There are two main types of pregnancy and maternity discrimination – unfavourable treatment and victimisation. Unfavourable treatment Employees are protected against unfavourable treatment because … Read More