About us

People at Work is a consultancy agency with a focus on promoting jobs and protecting people.  The main aims and objectives of People at Work are to improve human relations through effective and meaningful social dialogue at the place of work between senior management members, senior line mangers, supervisory staff and workers.  With a team of people with hands-on experience and expertise in conducting healthy industrial relations, People at Work will help you obtain the leading edge in the market by managing effectively your people at the place of work.

People at Work provides human resources solutions for companies, SME’s, government entities and authorities and voluntary organisations.  Our ability to deliver seamless and customised solutions adds real value, not just to an organisation’s bottom line but also to the organisation’s work ethic and productivity.

Whether you need new talent, need to retain a valued employee or need advice about industrial relations and human resources issues, People at Work has the practical solutions to meet your needs. We take the time to learn about your business and your current levels of performance and following which we can suggest professional options and targeted measures to improve your company performance.  We can provide development and training programmes for you and your team members. These may include customer service, improved leadership skills, performance management and conflict resolution and other tailor made programmes for you needs.

People at Work can assist at a strategic management level, helping to map out where you want your business to head and provide the appropriate consultancy services.  We can organise workshops designed specifically for your organisation to ensure you reach your objectives.    Plans are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. We can come to you or sessions can be held at our offices in Hamrun.

We also offer and cater for other services including banking facilities, assistance from Malta Enterprise, guidance to start up businesses likewise we provide our services to workers.  We give advice on the application of the labour laws, clarify and give sound interpretation in the event divergent views at the place of work arise. We can effectively mediate and find practical solutions to the benefit of the parties concerned.

Gejtu Vella is the backbone of People at Work Consultancy backed with more than twenty-four years of hand on experience is the founder of People at Work.  He has conducted healthy industrial relations both at enterprise level and national level.  Gejtu Vella climbed the trade union career ladder between 1987 and 1998 from shop-floor union delegate in one of the leading hotels to the senior post of the union.  Gejtu Vella was appointed secretary-general of the UHM in 1998 and relinquished his post during the XXXI General Conference in October 2011 to set-up People at Work Consultancy

Soon after he retired from the trade union acitivities Gejtu Vella was awarded the prestigious honour becoming a Member of the Order of Merit of Malta for his contribution and efforts to improve social dialogue between the social partners during his term in office at the UHM.  This honour was bestowed on Gejtu Vella by the President of Malta Dr. George Abela on the 13th December 2011 – commemorating Republic Day – one of the five National Holidays.

Gejtu Vella held various senior posts – including a permanent member on the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD), member on the Authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA), member on the Employment and Industrial Relations Board (EIRAB), member on the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD), member on the Social Security Appeals Board (SSB), served as Governor on the Malta Competition and Consumers Affairs Authority (MCCAA), served also as a member on the Commission for the Family and was appointed advisor to the Minister of Health and the Elderly to assist the management in the negotiations leading to the signing of a number of collective agreements with various trade unions in the health sector.

Gejtu Vella is the industrial relations and human resources development consultant to various private companies.