The 6th European Working Conditions Survey

November 26, 2015

The Eurofound’s 6th European Working Conditions Survey first finding reveals a diverse picture of Europe at work over time across countries, occupations, gender and age groups. It underlines the complex reality with which Europe’s policymakers are...

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EU Commission launches consultation on Work-Life Balance

November 11, 2015

The European Commission has launched a consultation process with EU social partner organisations on how to improve work-life balance and reduce obstacles to women's participation in the labour market. This consultation follows the recent withdrawal of...

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Claims from workers for compensation for workplace injuries are time-barred

November 3, 2015

Court has turned down a worker's request for compensation for a workplace injury as the case was deemed to be time-barred.  The worker, 56, suffered head injuries when the fork-lifter he was driving hit a pothole, causing him to hit his head when the...

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