In an Emergency

May 25, 2015

The number for all emergency services in Malta (ambulance, fire and police) is 112. Once you are through to an operator, state your telephone number immediately in case the team needs to call you back, then state the address and location where help...

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Modernisation of social protection systems

May 18, 2015

A report commissioned by the European Commission to the European Social Policy Network of independent experts published recently showed that Member States have made progress in implementing reforms toward social investment but there is still a lot to...

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Over 6,000 third-country nationals in employment in Malta

May 12, 2015

There are 6,027 third-country nationals currently working in Malta, according to information tabled in Parliament by Education and Employment Minister Evarist Bartolo. Filipinos make up the bulk of those third country nationals 1,128, followed by Serbs...

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